Corfe Castle Herdwick Sheep

Date: 13 December 2019

If you visit Corfe Castle, nestled in a gap in the Purbeck Hills, you may have noticed the sheep gently grazing the steep slopes around the ruined castle.   The sheep are actually a native of Cumbria and are commonly known as Herwick Sheep.  The Corfe Castle Herwick Sheep have been resident at the castle for the last 6 years and they are known to be a hardy breed, perfect for tending to the mound and managing the grass and Gorse which needs regular burning on other areas across the Purbeck landscape.

Lucy was asked to design one of her infamous "Sheep Selfie" with the Herwick and Castle in the background.  Seasons Green Gift Shop in the village of Corfe Castle wanted a unique design that couldn't be purchased from any other retail outlet.  Lucy agreed to exclusivity rights with Seasons Green and, as requested, you cannot buy the design from any other Stockist, online or even from Lucy's Farm Swanage Shop.

Recently, Paul, the owner of the Herdwick's visited Seasons Green and bought a print of the Corfe Castle Herwick's.  You can buy homeware featuring Herdwick Sheep 

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