Moo Selfie Walk 1 - Corfe Castle

Date: 6 June 2020

The great thing about living and working in Purbeck is that I get so much inspiration from the lanscape, the buildings, the history and of course the animals that live on the land.  I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog detailing some of mine and Ned's favourite walks, these usually involve a water trough or a stream where I can wash the mud off Ned!  I'll start with our favourite, which is of course, Corfe Castle.

The Route

An Easy 2.2 mile walk with one steep hill but it gives you great views over Corfe Castle and the village.


1.  Start at the layby below the castle on the northern side, opposite the National Trust Cafe Car Park is free.

2.  Head North and go through 2 gates into the field with the barn.  Walk up the field which is a gental slope until you get to a gate at the top.

3.  Now the climb, you will see a path cutting along the slope of the chalk hill, climb until you get to the top and you can start to take in the views.


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