'What's Good to Do' Press Coverage

'What's Good to Do' Press Coverage

Date: 30 January 2021

We're a bit late to the party but at the end of October we were featured in a fab review from 'What's good to do' the local what's on guide!

They reviewed the 2021 diary, calendar and a pack of Christmas cards, Here's a snippet of what they had to say...

"I cannot recommend enough as it ticks so many boxes; beautiful unique art work incorporated onto everyday useful products"

"It's very easy to get giddy over her products"

Christmas Cards:

"They're fun, original and will put a smile on anyone's face. I genuinely love these, the artwork is just delightful."


"The artwork is just lovely and makes you smile; I think it's the cows nostrils that does it for me, they are brilliant!"


"In November you have the bonus of a cow selfie in front of a train at the Corfe Railway, which is my personal favourite (i'm a mum so animals and trains are our life!)"


"What I love most about these products is the quality, humour and design, but also their versatility as a gift. I could buy these items for my 25 year old friend and receive a positive reaction, as I could equally my 70 year old Mum. The website is worth a browse as I am certain that you could tick off a few people on your Christmas list!"

If you want to read the full review then please click here

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