Autumn studies

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Sometimes, but not always, I do a few sketches/small oil paint studies before I do a new painting, it helps me to plan out my ideas and see what works/doesn't work. Other times I just go for it straight away on the canvas if I've already got a good idea in my head of how it will look.

Recently I decided to paint a new Autumnal painting, I love the colours of Autumn and so while I was waiting on one of my commissions to dry I thought I'd have a bit of a play with a few ideas before I painted the new Autumn Moo.

Normally these studies would just go away into a folder somewhere or I might even throw them away if I don't like the outcome, but these 3 little A4 oil paint 'experiments' seemed a bit too cute to throw away, so for the first time ever I decided to put them out there for sale. They're not in the same level of detail I would normally paint as they really are just quick studies to get the colours and composition worked out, but there's still a certain charm about them! 

Each one is painted in oil and they'll be mounted and framed in a natural wood frame (making the total size including the frame about A3)

Once they're gone, they're gone! Acorn Moo and Acorn & Autumn Leaf Moo are now sold. Just Autumn Donkey left

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