Pat's point of Moo -

Pat's point of Moo -

Date: 30 March 2023

Its been six months since I joined team Moo and what a wonderful time i have had. I have really enjoyed working in the shop and meeting all the customers, learning how to dress a shop window and do flower arranging.... not bad for an old boy :) Lucy has a great business and i am helping her with the wholesale side, using my contacts from the Ice Cream days to create new relationships and open up new stockists of the Moo range. The website is up to date with all lines now available. Shows have been booked throughout the summer starting next weekend in Abbottsbury...

Just picked up a new stockist in Weymouth ,if you are having Moo withdrawls pop on down to the Post office and have a look at the selection of gifts available.

Thats all for now... I will doing regular Blogs to keep you all updated on the comings and goings at Team Moo..


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